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    Media Streaming

    We develop video and audio streaming solutions to broadcast live & on-demand media content, providing a custom feature set for implementing your business strategy and rapid response to the needs and preferences of your audience.

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    Deliver high-quality media to users anytime and anywhere overcoming main streaming-related challenges:

    • Direct video connectivity;
    • Scalability, expanding the audience;
    • Streaming across multiple platforms;
    • Streaming from camera sources;
    • Channel security vulnerability;
    • Live interaction and instant feedback;
    • Social network video sharing;
    • High load and others.

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    Understanding your internal and external business goals:

    External communication

    We help you enhance communication channels and stay in touch with your audience whether you deliver medical care or sell beauty products. You can easily respond to the demand for digitalization, taking a leading position in the market.

    Internal communication

    In times of remote work, we help employees and decision-makers inside your organization overcome physical distance challenges and stay connected for collaborative work and discussion of strategy decisions.

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    We know how to make the journey to your products and services through media streaming easy, pleasant, and effective providing a complete set of features:

    Adaptive bitrate and media quality

    Providing quality media content according to the available speed of the internet and network capacity to ensure seamless playing without interruptions.

    Video capture and playback capabilities

    Providing a convenient environment for working with media: recording videos, browsing by timeline, tags-based positioning, playing specific video fragments, and more.

    Surround sound

    Implementing Surround sound 5.1 or Dolby Atmos capabilities to provide spatial effect and immerse your audience in the necessary context.

    Live interaction

    Implementing online chats, likes, shares, VoIP telephony, and video conferencing capabilities to enhance communication channels and interact with your audience efficiently.

    Built-in events scheduling

    Providing software with convenient scheduling and registration modules to make joining to the appointments and events simple and secure.

    Integration with CRM systems

    Integrating a streaming platform with your client’s database to easily synchronize, monitor, and analyze data about conference participants.

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    We combine deep tech expertise and a business-centered approach to development to deliver valuable streaming software solutions for solving your biggest challenges.

    Guiding you from the identification of your specific problem and idea shaping to complete tech solution delivery, our team of experts helps you to create valuable software aimed at achieving your strategic business goals.

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    Explore our Media Streaming expertise

    We design video and audio streaming platforms with end-to-end integration capabilities to ensure effective remote communication, live interaction, simulcasting, and security

    See our Media Streaming projects to learn more about our experience.